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Kalary.com is a global team of enthusiasts, who believe in the idea of bringing the Kalari Kurup/Panicker community (which is spread across the globe) under one roof. The concept and integration, lead by Mr. Mukundan Kurup started in 1998, and the website was first hosted in February 2000. Interestingly people from this community reside in places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gujarat, Middle East Countries, etc. besides being spread across the state of Kerala. Most of these places, have their own associations for the community who conduct activities, suiting their needs but are not interconnected. Kalary.com, with a vision of bringing all the community members across the globe together, presents this portal, where the community members could interact, share and achieve various goals. Utilities like matrimonial, job opportunities, News Letters etc give an added edge to the services extended by Kalary.com.


WhatsApp group "Kurup Panicker History", is maintained by Kalary.com in order to discuss and debate on the history, customs and traditions of the Kalary Kurup/Panicker community. The group was formed in December 2016. With a strong participation of around 250 members, which includes prominent Astrologers, Professionals, renowned personalities and knowledgeable participants is super active and has daily discussions on various community related topics. With a vision of writing a book on the history of the community, Mr. Mukundan Kurup, webmaster of Kalary.com, took the responsibility of co-ordinating and compiling all the discussions on this WhatsApp group. Through an effort of more than one and half year including all respected members of the WhatsApp group, a book named "PAITHRUKAM" was created.


  • A cultural history book jointly written by Mr. Mukundan Kurup, Mr. Ravi Parappurath & Mr. Deepesh Panicker on the history and tradition of Kalari Kurup/Panicker community was unveiled on 2nd June 2018 over a grand function at Regional Theatre, Thrissur with participation of our renowned community members across the globe. It narrates and explain the origins of the community, its traditions, customs in length and detail. The book is an exception of its kind, as the matter in the book is compiled through the debates and discussions on the WhatsApp group with facts and figures. The content presented in the book can be considered authentic, as it has been iteratively debated by our prominent and knowledgeable group members. A book worth to be read by each and every member of the community to be aware of their roots and existence.

    To procure this book, please contact any of our officials. Kindle edition can be purchased here.

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Kalari and Kalari Aacharyas

The meaning of the word Kalari is 'an Institution to train the youth in Martial Arts using weaponry'. The genre of martial arts practiced in the Kalari is known as Kalaripayattu. The villagers used to respectfully address the masters who trained their warriors in the Kalari as Kurup or Panicker. The Kings of autonomous provinces also gave the salutation of Kurup / Panicker to these Aacharyas of Kalari. The term Aacharya is to be understood as Master or "Guru of the Kalari". In Central Kerala, after the medieval period even though there were teachers from many communities who were involved in training the youths in Kalaripayattu, the traditional community of Aacharyas who maintained Kalari and promoted Kalaripayattu were the Kurup/Panicker and later came to be known as Kalari Kurup / Kalari Panicker community.

Samudaya Charitram

  • Kalari Kurup/Panicker Samudaya Charitram is a book published by Kalary.com during the Kalari Charitram 2019 event. This book summarizes and highlights the major historical findings which is elaborated in the earlier book "Paithrukam".

    To procure this book, please contact any of our officials. Kindle edition can be purchased here.